Info Menarik Sepanjang Masa

Info Menarik Sepanjang Masa

Traditional Balinese Dances to Enliven Your Villa Wedding

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If you’re holding your wedding in Bali, you have a good chance to show why you pick the place. One of them is by using Bali traditional entertainment choices for a Bali Villa Wedding. In this case, the best one is dance. Here are the 5 most anticipated Balinese traditional dances for you.

The Top 4 of Traditional Balinese Dances that Probably Fits Your Wedding

Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is the most famous Balinese dance. Not only popular in Indonesia but also Internationally. If you want to have this performed in your, there’s one major thing you need to consider. Since this particular dance needs around fifty to one hundred men, you have to make sure you have enough room for this.

If you have an indoor theme, the venue must be very spacious to make this into reality. If you have an outdoor party, this becomes a little less tricky. The outside field is bound to be very big. This dance is better to perform in a villa wedding at sunset or at an early night to completely feel this spectacle’s atmosphere.

Barong Dance

This dance will make your nuptial leave a lasting impression on your guests. Barong is a panther-like creature from Balinese mythology. The Barong looks scary and has a demonic-ish face. But in fact, this creature is the opposite of what their visual represents. The dance tells a story of a Barong that protects people from evil spirits.

Pendet Dance

Pendet dance has initially been an offering dance for the Hindu Gods. But over time, this dance becomes a “welcoming” performance. The dance shows young girls performing a bowl filled with flower petals on the one hand. The function of the flower petals is they’re going to cast it into the air several times while dancing.

Trunajaya Dance

villa wedding and this dance is a perfect combination, considerably an appropriate story to display in a wedding. This dance tells a story of a man trying to entice a woman. Initially, only one man needed to perform this, but more than one man can perform it in modern times, and now women can also do it.

The four dances are the traditional and historical heritage of Bali. Not only it’s engaging entertainment, but it has its own unique story that full of meaning and lessons to learn. You can pick one that best fits your wedding. You can pick a dance that needs a large venue to a smaller one, or one with an expressive presentation.

The Surga bali villa wedding is the best choice for your wedding villa.

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